Thrifty Finds & Second Hand Steals

Looking for an amazing deal on clothes? Well try out the local thrift shops and second hand stores!

There are racks and racks of clothing! All of it being donated and going to a good cause! Whether you want to find a deal and don’t want to empty your wallet or you are smart and know that it is a great way to get a new item of clothing.

Do not be one of those people who think it is “gross” or “unclean” to buy things second hand. Everything goes through a cleaning process. Be humble also because there are a lot of people who can not afford to shop anywhere but thrift stores. Brand names galore for what is known as a steal!

Every time I venture to a thrift shop I find high end brands from Lulu Lemon and Nike to Guess Jeans and Ralph Lauren. Who would want to pay full price for name brand items when they are at the thrift store in perfect condition waiting for you to purchase them!

Looking for your favourite teams jersey? Look no further because second hand shops are guaranteed to have more than you need! Want a bargain on a pair of shoes? Yes they have shoes too! High heels, runners, boots, sandals, you name it they have got it!

Next time you are in search of a new fashion item, that is more likely to be different from the hottest new trend, I highly recommend you check out your local thrift shop before you waste all your money! Before you think to throw away a perfectly good top think about what you are about to do and how someone else could easily have it. If it is salvageable then please do not hesitate to donate!