A case of the Mondays …

What a day …

The following took place after I anchored morning drive news on WMAY, and after a 5 mile half marathon training run.

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Detail of large wall art inside military academy

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Started at the Military Academy at the Air National Guard base in Springfield
where Peter Nezamis was being promoted. Gov. Pritzker was there.

Then headed over the Illinois Department of Agriculture where Acting Director John Sullivan met with the press. Pritzker then showed up there too:

Then it was back to the Illinois State Capitol where the House Rules Committee met to hammer out the rules that govern the house.

I was then able to get two stories put out (one linked above about the Air National Guard) and the other about what to expect early in session. Read that here. It was about 4:30 and it was time for a Wrap.

But it didn’t end there. Had to stop by an evening town hall on cannabis legalization …

Was able to talk with an opponent and a proponent of legalization:

Needless to say I’m beat and it’s time to get wink before getting back to the story chase.

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