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February 1, 2011

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop

Quick recovery

Ozzy feels much better, good enough to hit the stage in Los Angeles. Sunday's show in Reno was postponed to sometime in April because of doctor's orders. But that's not something that Twitter cannot help! A message on the Dark Princes' social networking mini-blog site said that Ozzy is feeling much better and ready to take to the stage. On a health note, Ozzy has a new book on the way out this year called “Ask Dr. Ozzy” and it's been reported that he would start up a health column, which has not seen the light of day yet but could be something that starts up around the release of his new book.

Stocks are up

Mega celebrities are always concerned about ratings. It's not just the viewer ratings of a TV show celebs and rock stars are worried about, but a total awareness among the people—fans and critics alike. In the case of Steven Tyler, surely he is concerned with the ratings of his new TV Show, American Idol, but he is also concerned with total awareness of himself and his band. It looks like Tyler and Aerosmith's stock is up. MyFoxBoston.com reports that their native sons are so popular that Aerosmith memorabilia on auction sites are a hot item right now. Some of the things selling are autographed posters and even a pair of sun glasses reportedly owned once by Tyler. Surely this has everything to do with the TV show, because it has been 10 years since Aerosmith has released an album. On that note, it's reported that Joe Perry has been AWOL from the recording process in LA because of an undisclosed commitment.

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