Report Implicates Southern View Police Officer in Sexual Assault

April 4, 2012
Updated 6:40pm CST
by Greg Bishop

The report filed the same day Zeid Langan was fired from the Southern View Police Department

970 WMAY News has obtained a police report that alleges a Southern View police officer of official misconduct and sexual offenses filed by two unnamed women.  The heavily redacted and sexually explicit report does not include names but it does say the offending subject is a Southern View Police Officer and what he's accused of is very sexually charged.   

This comes as WMAY learns Zeid Langan, a former Springfield Police officer, was fired last week by the Southern View Police Department for not following police procedure.  Langan quit being a Springfield cop in early 2008 after being investigated for giving a woman money to purchase alcohol after having sex with her at a Springfield park.

The 2012 report

In the recently obtained report from the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office dated March 27th, there are allegations that a Southern View officer proposed sex to two women he had pulled over.  The unnamed officer is also accused of forcing both women to touch his crotch in separate occasions, exposing one woman's chest, and grabbing her breast while she was in the front passenger seat of his police car. 

This all happened within the same morning and stems from a single traffic stop where the unnamed officer flashed his lights at two women in a van, a driver and her roommate. He pulled them over just north of Southern View early that Tuesday morning and told them he was investigating phone harassment case.  

There the officer is allege to have used the squad car's public address system to direct the passenger to his car, where he read her cell phone text messages and made sexual advances while she was sitting in the front seat.  The driver of the pulled-over vehicle remained in the van and was later told to leave after checking several times to see if her passenger was okay with the officer.  The officer offered to take the other woman home and that the driver of the van was free to leave.

After that, the women with the Southern View police officer says the officer made sexual advances and forced her hand on his crotch.  She also alleges he lifted up her shirt and grabbed her breast.  After refusing the advances and requesting the officer's badge number, which he allegedly refused to provide, the police officer dropped her off at a house.  

In the same report, but from the van driver's perspective, the officer dropped the passenger off and shined a light on her from his squad car.  The driver then approached the officer through the opened passenger door and said "what do you think your [sic] hard shinning a light at me" the report continues "I have neighbor's. [redacted] stated the officer grabbed her right hand placed it on his pants by his penis and said this is hard."  

A clip of the redacted letter 970 WMAY obtained from the Sangamon County Sheriff's Department through a Freedom of Information Act Request

The report then says the driver of the van replied to the officer "that's cool I hope your cameras are on".  It indicates he said "don't worry about that."

The Sangamon County States Attorney's office says they are reviewing a police report involving a Southern View police officer but did not disclose the individual's name.  No charges have yet been filed.  The the report obtained by 970 WMAY indicates a what could be a Class 3 felony punishable up to five years in prison.

Langan's time with Southern View

Tuesday, Southern View Law Enforcement Trustee James Foster confirms that Southern View police officer Zeid Langan was fired by the village board for "not following police procedure."  Foster refused to provide any further detail.  Langan was only on the force for a month and was a part-time employee recommended by Southern View Police Chief Kurt Taraba.